Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sharp Red Harbor Highliner With Lots of Storage Space and Extra Features

Here is a very sharp red Harbor Highliner 11' service body is mounted on a Ford SuperDuty Dually. This body has lots of storage space and extra features making it a very sharp work-ready truck!  

The Harbor Truck Bodies Highliner Body is a TradeMaster Service Body with a set of boxes on top that have doors that open upward giving additional space for unique size storage. Because the doors open upward assisted with gas shocks, the items inside are easily seen. A great choice for someone needing a bit more storage in a great looking package!

Notice the slide out style drawers; they include a variety of heights for storage of tools and small parts. Easy to organize and easy to access and retrieve your parts. The drawers allow for access to many parts at the same time. The drawers lock into place individually and are secured by the outside horizontal door.

The bed area is covered with a 3-piece Cargo Bed Enclosure that opens up approximately 66% of the bed area. Cargo Bed Enclosures are very popular options that help keep cargo in the bed area out of sight and secure.

The body is backed up with a 18" Work Platform. It is available on any Service Body and provides a great work area for work on the job site. It has a compartment with doors on each side. The platform provides a great mount and workspace for the heavy duty vise. This is a relatively inexpensive way to add some great workspace for those who use their truck in the field.

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