Plus Package

The Plus Package is the Foundation...

The Plus Package is the foundation for all other van interior packages. We created a product line that is more modular. From a customer point of view or Dealer stocking point of view, if you order our first level “Plus Package”, you will be able to upgrade to higher level General Service, Electrical/Telecom, or PHVAC packages at a reasonable price…and do so without ripping out the entire initial package. Feel comforted that your are buying the right foundation the first time and can add to it before or after the sale. For Dealers, “stocking anxiety” is now a thing of the past because it is always the right foundation!

Harbor’s exclusive interchangeable components allow you to customize your interior to meet your needs using standardized components. This revolutionary new system saves both time and money. You will be able to personalize your packages at a reasonable price. For example, on a Ford transit, you can mount the drawer cabinet on the driver side or passenger side. Or, on the driver side front shelf or driver side rear shelf. Customization has never been so easy!

Simple but effective concepts, that’s what Harbor was built on. Our Harbor team is on call to customize your van. Try us out, we know you’ll like what you get!

  • (2) Shelving Units on the Driver's Side with Drop In Dividers on the Second Shelf from the Top
  • (1) Shelving Unit on the Passenger's Side with Drop In Dividers on the Second Shelf from the Top
  • (1) 3-Drawer Pack on the Passenger's Side
  • (1) Hanger Hooks
  • Partition
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