Plumbing Heating and Ventilation service technicians need to carry bottles of Nitro, CO2 or Brazing torch gases to pressure test systems, purge a system, blow out coils, or solder or repair lines. The Electrical/Telecom package is designed to satisfy your need with a 3-tank holder mounted off the rear shelf  panel, four (4) drawer packs, and a lockable storage compartment for valuable components. How about adding a drop-down rack for your different size ladders that help you get to that system? Keep your tanks at 40 cu.ft. or less if you have to carry them up the ladder!

  • (2) Shelving Units on the Driver's Side with Drop In Dividers on the Second Shelf from the Top
  • (1) Shelving Unit on the Passenger's Side with Drop In Dividers on the Second Shelf from the Top
  • (2) 2-Drawer Pack on the Driver's Side
  • (2) 3-Drawer Pack on the Passenger's Side
  • (1) Hanger Hooks
  • (1) Drop Down Door, creating a lockable compartment on the Driver's Side
  • (1) Tank Holder for (3) 30 lb. tanks
  • Partition
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