Mechanics Master

...The Art of Simplicity Brought to a Complicated Product...

Mechanics Master 5,000-6,000 lb. crane bodies make the complex simple! How’s that? There is no need to sort out which cranes go with which body with what jack leg/outrigger and what notched bumper design? Oh! Did you forget about truck leaf springs to adjust for the body load on one side. Sound complicated? It is!  But we’ve done all the work for you. All you have to know is what weight you are loading and what length of crane you need to get the job done (length in feet x weight in lb. = ft. lb.) Then, we can help you choose the integrated design of body, crane and truck that best matches the job. It’s the art of making the complex simple!

  • Integrated design, including body, crane, jack legs/outriggers, rear platform design, and proper loading leaf springs
  • Crane boom rest and full width manual outriggers
  • 24-inch rear platform with integrated square tube inserted vise mount, four integrated tie downs, and spray-on bedliner covering the entire deck, notched for outriggers
  • Raised front compartment with bottle brackets and rings for oxygen/acetylene tanks
  • Class V receiver with 7-prong connector
  • Back-up alarm
  • Hydraulic outriggers, chorded or remote controls and capacity overload alarms
  • Additional raised front compartment
  • Multiple roll-out drawer packages and slide-out trays
  • Various receivers with 4- and 7- prong connectors
  • Light bars, beacons, work lights, and other lighting options
  • 110-Volt Electrical Inverters
  • Rear Back-Up Alarm
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