Master Landscaper

...For the Toughest Landscaper Available...

To create the toughest landscape body in the business, start with a Black Boss flatbed. Then add 40” solid-side gates of steel or MDO plywood (see specifics below), swing-away rear gates, and one of the toughest white coatings available. And for the ultimate truck, add a steel floor (smooth or tread plate) and a Rugby dump hoist. Voila! You just created the best Lansdscaper vehicle in the business.

  • Choice of diamond/smooth plate steel deck, aluminum iso-mounted deck, or 7/8”hardwood aptitong deck (aptiton deck only available for CA, AZ, and NV customers)
  • Square turret-punched headboard, made of a tough 12 gauge galvanized sheet and 2" x 2" tubular frame
  • Stainless rear apron between the dock bumper uprigths to hide unsightly clutter under the bed
  • Glossy white coating
  • Solid-side 40-inch high industrial-grade Medium Density Overlay (MDO) plywood with Auto Brite posts. MDO Plywood includes a layer of hardwood veneer directly under the smooth resin impregnated cellulose fiber overlay (a highly water resistant phenolic). Strongly resists exterior weathering and can be painted!
  • Stainless caps for the MDO plywood for added longevity
  • Solids-side 40-inch high steel gates with steel posts in matching white
  • PVC Tool Holders, gate height
  • Single swing away side gate
  • 50:50 fold-down side gates for side access to landscape body when using a chipper
  • Manual or semi-automatic retractable flatbed tarp
  • Under deck boxes and open-air under deck stake boxes
  • Class IV & V receivers with 7- or 7/4-prong connectors
  • Dump Hoists
  • LED lights in lieu of standard incandescent and rotating strobes and light bars
  • Back-up alarms
  • Color option: black
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