Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lift The Load With Harbor Liftgates!

Whether it's use is for construction, service or the transportation - delivery industry, a liftgate is a great solution to provide safer and more efficient handling of materials. Operators complete daily tasks easier and safer using hydraulic liftgates or railgates..

Owners will be satisfied that they are providing the best solution for lifting and lowering heavy materials, pallets and equipment into the bed of the truck. Work related injuries can be reduced when properly operating this equipment.  

Harbor Truck Bodies mounts lift gates on a wide range of truck bodies, here are a few examples.

Rack Body Liftgate

Workmaster Body Liftgate
Box Truck Railgate
 Concrete Cutters Body Liftgate

Here are some links to the manufacturers of the liftgates that we sell. You will find more photos and a great deal of information to assist you. Do not hesitate to call us at number at the bottom of the page with any questions. We are here to serve!

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