Friday, May 18, 2012

Introducing The Revolutionary Maxon DMD Raillift

Maxon’s new DMD "Direct Medium Duty" Series Railift® is a fully hydraulic lift that utilizes a ground breaking twin cylinder design to ensure smooth and efficient performance. Specifically designed for the medium-duty market, the DMD comes in 90”, 96“ and 102” widths. Featuring steel columns and runners, aluminum one- and two-piece platforms and optional retention ramp or single or dual cart stops, the DMD is a welcomed addition to the already popular and classic Railift series.

SPECIFICATIONS • Lifting Capacities: 2,200 lbs. and 3,300 lbs. • Bed Heights: 30” – 54” • Weight: 620 lbs. to 750 lbs. (depending on capacity & platform configuration) • Platform Material: Aluminum • Platform Widths: 84” (90” wide body), 90” (96” wide body) and 96” (102” wide body) • Platform Sizes: One-piece platforms: 30”, 36”, 42” and 48”+ 6” fixed ramp or retention ramp; Two-piece platforms: 48” (30+18), 54” (36+18), 60” (36+24) and 72” (42+30) + 6” fixed ramp. pump and motor housing

PUMP AND MOTOR ASSEMBLY The pump and motor assembly is housed within the liftgate’s main structural enclosure.

TWIN CYLINDER LIFTGING DESIGN (Patent Pending)DMD Hydraulic The DMD utilizes a unique twin cylinder lifting design that eliminates the maintenance costs associated with other chain or cable equipped liftgates.

MULTI-TEMP VISCOSITY OIL The DMD is factory pre-filled with a multi-temp viscosity oil that ensures smooth and trouble-free liftgate operation even in the coldest and harshest environments.

FULLY SEALED SWITCHES AND HARNESSES The DMD features fully sealed switches and harnesses to protect them against corrosion.

OPTIONAL FEATURES cart stop • Dual Cart Stops • Single Cart Stop • Retention Ramp (available on one-piece platforms only)

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