Monday, August 31, 2015

Harbor Low-Pro Sighting On Ford 4×4 Super Cab

I was at Ford Lincoln Fairfield in Fairfield CA last week and noticed this very interesting truck. It may have been in for service, but I had to take some shots of it so I could share it. First, it is on a Ford 60"CA 4x4 Super Cab F350 Chassis so it has a great foundation. Next, it has a 9' low-pro Harbor Service Body. On the low-pro model, which you don't see very often, the top of the Service Body lids is at about the bottom of the rear window. The standard height body is up to the middle of the rear window. The low-pro looks more like a pickup in that respect.

What's more interesting about this is the camper style shell or truck cap that just happens to fit perfectly in the bed area and makes this to be like a raised cargo bed enclosure. The barn doors make it easy to get in and out, and a custom rack has been added. What would make this a dream would be a bed slide inside the compartment. Based on the sticker, the shell was provided by Campway, and based on another sticker, this may have been sold as a used vehicle by Victory Commercial Trucks in Petaluma CA, since they are a Chevrolet, RAM, and Isuzu Truck dealer.

All in all, this was quite a sighting. An unusual and interesting combination of products. The owner of the truck is on the door: Euro-Machines, Vineyard and Winery Equipment, whose west coast location happens to be Fairfield CA. Nice rig.

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