Friday, July 13, 2012

Harbor Contractor Body Steels The Show!

Here’s a nice Ford Dually with a Harbor Contractor Body with the new steel fold-down gates. The hinged steel gates allow painting to match the body and are made from durable steel construction.

Harbor Truck Bodies Contractor Body have become an extremely popular body and for good reason. The Harbor Contractor Body starts out as a flatbed and then we add tool boxes, a rack, short gates, load divider, clean looking tapered headboard and even a hitch and plug, all standard equipment.
Notice the nice forklift loadable rack on this truck. Notice the hefty square tubing, the removable rear bar and that there is no vertical posts in the rear, leaving a clear open workspace.
 There are now a number of variations on the original 12' Contractor. The 10' has become a very good seller especially on Super Cab and Crew Cab trucks thereby keeping the overall length manageable. 
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