Monday, August 20, 2012

Harbor ComboMaster With Pedestal Mounted Venturo Crane

Here’s a great workhorse. It’s a Harbor 12' ComboMaster with a pedestal mounted Venturo Crane mounted on a Ford SuperDuty 450/550 Dually. The body is a 12' ComboMaster Service Body with the 36" low rear work platform. 
The ComboMaster Body (AKA Combo Body, USC Combo) from Harbor Truck Body is a Utility/Service Combination. It is a Service Body where the last 2' compartment has been deleted and a 3' floor level work platform has been added with a wide lockable compartment accessed on either side. Many customers find this body extremely useful--especially in the field where the work platform is at the right height and provides workspace to get things done.
In this body, the platform is built to support the pedestal supported crane. Stabilizers for crane operation are mounted on the sides of the Heavy Duty Bumper
Nice looking low wood fold-down gates sets off the white body.

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