Sunday, September 07, 2014

Harbor 12 Ft WorkMaster on a Ford Dually – A Black Beauty!


Here's a very nice looking work truck! Its a Ford Dually with a 12 foot Harbor Workmaster Body, very sharp looking!
The Harbor WorkMaster is a Service Body with a roof and additional useful features. It is available in a 10' (10' 4") for the single rear wheel cutaway chassis and comes with straight sides. In the dual rear wheel models, it is available in a 10', 12' and 14' models and can be mounted on cutaway chassis or on conventional chassis cabs. 

The Harbor WorkMaster is a perfect plumbers or HVAC truck, but is also useful in any number of different professions such as remodeling, mobile mechanic, locksmith, and other service industry uses to name a few. If you could use a truck that has storage for tools and parts and want a space that you can stand up in that is enclosed to do work in or keep larger items out of the weather and public view, the WorkMaster is your truck.

Here are some standard features on the Harbor WorkMaster:

1) Walk-in Full Height Enclosure with 74" Interior Clear Height

2)  Full-length Interior shelves on both sides giving you two shelves on both sides to store items

3)  Interior Ladder Rack keeps it out of sight. Rear Grab Handles. Interior Dome Lamp (Florescent upgrade package available)

4)  Rear Access Panel that is flush with the first shelf to handle occasional longer cargo

5)  Master Lock System is standard
6) 49" Floor on Single Rear and 58" Floor on Dually models

7) 12" wide Step Bumper

8)  Full height Rear Barn Doors

9)  45º Aerodynamic Front Roof Edge and Tapered Sides on Dual Rear Bodies

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