Monday, August 06, 2012

Choose Your Gates – Harbor Branded Flatbeds/Stakebeds

We manufacture our own branded Harbor Flatbeds/Stakebeds. We call them the Black Boss Flatbed/Stakebed.
There are so many ways that a flatbed can be modified for specific purposes or preferences, including adding gates. You will find a wide range of Stakebed options to show a number of these choices.
You can see the variations in gate materials (steel , wood slats) configurations (High, low, solid, gapped, etc.). There are many choices to suit customer preferences and for various applications. Tell us about what your use is; your experience with other products and what you have seen. We can help you choose the best design and configuration for your use.
We think that you'll agree that the Harbor Truck Bodies Black Boss Stakebeds are durable, high quality and good looking!

Call (800) 433-9452 for more information, or to find a stocking dealer near you.

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