Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cab High Service Body Is Becoming Very Popular

Our own Tony Anderson is showing off another 56" high service body, or you could call it a cab-high service body. This style of body on the single wheel chassis is becoming a lot more popular. No wonder, because it has more closet space!

In this case the upper doors open upward so that it is convenient and easy to operate. That added storage can make all the difference. This particular unit has a solid cargo bed area enclosure, but many people choose the 3-piece opening cargo bed enclosure to allow full access to about two thirds of the bed area and then can be closed and locked for security.

What is also becoming more popular is installing a bed slide in the cargo area to make it easy to access the full length of the cargo area without climbing in the back on hands and knees.

So there you have an excellent combination: a 56" high body with closed or slide top cargo enclosure and a bed slide. Give Harbor a call at 1-800-433-9452 and let us help you put your individual touches on one of our great bodies.

Call (800) 433-9452 for more information, or to find a stocking dealer near you.

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