Saturday, December 20, 2014

Bright Red Chev 3500 Crew Cab with a Harbor Contractor Body

This Harbor Contractor Body started out as a flatbed, we added tool boxes, a rack, short gates, load divider, clean looking tapered headboard, that’s all standard equipment. The 10' is mounted on Super Cab and Crew Cab trucks thereby keeping the overall length manageable.

The Harbor Truck Bodies Contractor Body has become an extremely popular body and for good reason. The open top service body style tool boxes on top allow for storage of small items or long items, with plenty of storage in the fold-down storage area. The underbed boxes give even more storage for tools large and small. Then, the short rear gates help keep things in place when needed and then get out of the way to use that space to work on. The load divider is helpful in separating loads that are best kept apart. The tapered headboard doesn't obstruct the view and the tapered HD rack carries a lot of building materials to the job site effectively. To top it all off is the huge storage space on top of the bed. It is very popular with a wide variety of contractor types and that is precisely why we call it a Contractor Body.

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