Thursday, July 25, 2013

Back Pain? We Have a Remedy!

Back injuries can be debilitating, once you injure your back it can effect your work and how you handle tools and use equipment. At Harbor Truck Bodies we offer a number of back savers like the two shown above:  Whether it is something very heavy or just more than you need to lift, either of these products can be a back saver.

Mounted on the rear right corner is a Venturo ET12KX crane with crane rest. This is a 12,000 ft*lbs crane with 3,500 lb lifting capacity. Electric winch, elevation, rotation and extension.

The railgate is a Tommy Gate with 3,000lb capacity, high-cycle railgate for stake and van bodies.The Railgate is a Tommy Gate’s 3,000lb railgate for applications performing high numbers of lifting cycles during daily use.

Save your back. Retrofit your old truck now with one of these great tools, and insure that your new truck gets the right back savers installed. We have other back saving tools as well like roll-out drawers, side steps and much more. Give us a call and we will help you get the best features to keep you and your back healthy.

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