Friday, September 27, 2013

A-OK Lock System Offered at Harbor Truck Bodies

The VIDEO SHOWS THE BOLT Padlock 2.0, a New and Improved padlock.

A great lock system is offered as an option for our service body and tool box products: The A-OK Lock System, or the All One Key Lock System.

This is a new lock cylinder of high quality components manufactured by Bolt Locks, part of Strattec. These locks are also available in padlock form and the video below shows how those operate. The locks shown above operate in the same way.

Once the ignition key is inserted and twisted, the lock remembers only that key and then you can use your ignition key for all the locks on the service/utility body. Think how great it will be to only need to use that one key for your truck and all the doors on the service body! No more fumbling for the right keys.

Call Harbor at 800-433-9452 for more information on this exciting option--the A-OK Lock System.

To learn more visit the Boltlock website and watch the video below:

Call (800) 433-9452 for more information, or to find a stocking dealer near you.

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