Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Nice Harbor ComboMaster for the Isuzu Low Cab Forward

Here's the ComboMaster Body from Harbor Truck Body. It is a Utility/Service Combination Service Body where the last 2' compartment has been deleted and replaced with a 3' floor level work platform with a small compartment on either side.
Customers find this body extremely useful--especially in the field where they can use the work platform to provide workspace to get things done. It is a great height for that purpose as well and the work area is much lower than it would be using the back of a Contractor Body or Flatbed. When mounted on a Isuzu Low Cab Forward, it’s not only low but it turns a tight radius like a regular cab pickup truck.
The rack is standard equipment and is available in Forklift-Loadable or Non Forklift-Loadable designs. The rack has in recent years been redesigned to have no vertical bars in the work area for maximum effectiveness, yet still have the overall length of the old design rack. The ComboMaster is a great choice for a wide variety of business uses.

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