Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Great Looking Harbor CraneMaster/WeldMaster Combo Body

This great looking Harbor CraneMaster/WeldMaster Combo Body is mounted on a long wheelbase F550; the body is set back from the cab to allow for the mounting of a welding machine and a hose reel. Notice that the welder can be slid out from the carrying position to provide better access to the cables and perhaps to maintain or work on it. The reel system is mounted on the right side of the chassis. This body has the 3 piece cargo space enclosure. Notice the rear barn doors.

The Harbor Truck Bodies CraneMaster is a standardized body that starts as a Harbor TradeMaster Service Body. The right rear compartment includes special reinforcing for the mounting of a crane.

This crane is the Venturo ET25KX, 25,000 ft*lbs with 5,000 lb lifting capacity, electric winch, elevation, rotation and extension. Other options are the ET6KM, ET6KR (2,200 Lb Capacity) and the ET10K and ET10KX (3,200 Lbs Capacity). This unit has the outriggers installed at the rear corners to provide stability while lifting heavy loads and with the boom rest. The Harbor CraneMaster can be modified as any Service Body by adding a Raised Compartment or other helpful options.

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