Monday, October 01, 2012

A Custom Harbor Service Body For NV Energy

Here is one we found in the files. This is a custom 11' Harbor Service Body that was completed by Cobalt Truck Equipment in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was built for NV Energy, serving energy needs for Northern Nevada and Northeastern California for over 150 years.

This truck includes a lot of additions to the standard Harbor service body. For example, there are custom boxes added to the top of the closed top sides and on the curbside, there is space left for a generator. Notice also the custom drawers, some of which are nice and deep. It also sports a very tasty custom bumper, cab shield and spot lights for all hours effectiveness. Notice that the upper box mounted on the streetside has a nice, large rear lockable opening. Tail lights are mounted in the end panels instead of the bumper, there is large J-hooks to store a ladder as shown and the spare tire is mounted to the body. I see an air hose assembly in the right rear curbside compartment. It looks like this truck can get a lot of jobs done out in the field.

Cobalt Truck Equipment is an authorized Harbor Truck Bodies Distributor and is located at at 1607 Industrial Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89102 and they can be reached at 702-385-4475 or visit their website at

Call (800) 433-9452 for more information, or to find a stocking dealer near you.

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