Sunday, May 12, 2013

11 FT Welder Body Raised Both Front and Smooth Rear Platform

There is almost unlimited  space provided in this Harbor 11' Welder-Crane Body. It starts as a Harbor 11' TradeMaster Service Body and is up-fitted to accommodate a welding machine, gas cutting bottles, lots of storage, and a rear convenient work height table. This one is on a new RAM 4500/5500 chassis.

It has some options. This unit has standard 56" compartments except the two front compartments are taller, in fact they are taller than the cab! The left front cabinet is provided with 9 sliding and divided drawers for the storage of small parts. This allows for organizing parts according to size. The front right compartment is set up for welder bottles with bottle brackets and rings and vented doors.

This is the best view of the crane and crane rest. Mounted on the curb side, the crane is a Venturo ET12K. It has a lifting capacity of 3,500 pounds, a 12,500 ft-lbs moment rating, a 7'-15' manually extended boom and features electric actuated winch, elevation and rotation.

This unit also sports a Floor Extension for a work platform to get some quick jobs done in the field. This is our 18" Work Platform. It is available on any Service Body and provides a great work area for work on the job site. This one has small compartments with doors on the sides. They are available with or without compartments.This is a relatively inexpensive way to add some great workspace for those who use their truck in the field. Instead of a fold-down rear tailgate, there is a drop-in gate instead.

It has a drop in tailgate and a standard 8" step and tow bumper.

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